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At Pre-employ, our mission is to deliver the best customer and applicant experiences possible. While other companies focus on cutting costs by eliminating account managers, off-shoring customer service staff, and selling their customer’s information…Pre-employ still offers the same good old fashion customer service we have been providing right here in the U.S. since 1994 – and we never sell our customer’s or applicant’s information. We have watched the screening industry mature over our 20 years in business. Today, screening has become a commodity and most providers now offer similar products, pricing, speed, and more. Yet, Pre-employ remains different. 

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At Pre-Employ, we know background checks can be seen as a commodity. We believe differently. Our 22+ years of experience has shown us that customer service is what separates the good companies from the great ones. 

While other companies focus on foreign call centers to answer your questions, we invest in United States customer service specialists that not only know your account, they know you.  We have learned that proactive customer service means that your background check, drug testing or I9/Everify results are faster, accurate and cost less than almost all of our major competitors.While screening thousands of requests a day, we focus on you and your results help you succeed. 

We don’t just promise. We deliver. 

Pre-Employ is headquartered in the beautiful area of Northern California in Anderson and Redding. The company provides employees with unique benefits and is recognized for serving and supporting its local communities.

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why we are ranked #1

What really separated Pre employ from its competitors was its customer service. To get a better sense of what it would be like to work with this company, we posed as a business owner looking for background-check services.

Of all the companies we spoke with, Pre employ offered, by far, the best customer service
~ Business News Daily

A little about the founder


With over 20 years in the pre-employment screening industry,
Robert Mather helps organizations streamline their hiring procedures
by eliminating delays in background screening processes.
He speaks at numerous professional conferences and is widely
known for his penchant on customer service fanaticism for both
his clients as well as their employee applicants, volunteers and contractors.