Convenient I-9 Compliance


Paperless I-9 and E-verify Management

Every employee must comply with employment eligibility requirements. Documenting and verifying eligibility is a complicated process affected by ever-changing federal, state, and local legislation. Mistakes create a risk of substantial fines and place managers at risk of criminal prosecution. Traditional paper-based programs increase errors so organizations are now moving to electronic systems.

At Pre-employ your organization can maintain I-9 compliance using the same portal used for background checks and drug tests. Electronic I-9 forms are accurately completed and securely stored to simplify potential federal audits, if they occur. Plus, our I-9 compliance programs include an instant E-Verify option that immediately confirms employment eligibility or helps employees to resolve any issues discovered. Here are other reasons to review I-9 compliance:

• Form I-9 audits by U.S. ICE increased by 1,200% in fiscal 2012
• Fines on employers for non-compliant forms grew to $13 million
• The U.S. government arrested more than 200 managers last year

Adopting the E-Verify program for all employees eliminates the risk of fines or prosecution, even if an ineligible employee is unknowingly hired. There’s no benefit from continuing with a paper-based Form I-9 program or manual verification process when Pre-employ makes switching to an electronic systems fast and easy.

At Pre-employ, we provide you with a cutting-edge, automated and a paperless I-9 compliance system integrated smoothly with an I-9 verification option, which helps your organization speed up the I-9 form processing, avoid errors, as well as accurately complete and securely store forms.

Benefit from our system to confirm employment eligibility when hiring new employees, simplify potential federal audits, and eliminate the risk of fines and criminal prosecutions.