Criminal Activity Monitoring 

Maintaining a safe and secure work environment requires a unique solution called Continuous Arrest Monitoring.

Pre-employ’s automated software tools and FCRA-compliant support teams will notify you in real-time of employees you have on a watch list for incidents of crime.

Criminal Activity Monitoring Graphic

24/7 Criminal Activity Record Monitoring Mitigates Employment Risks

Pre-employ makes this service as hassle-free as possible. Our automated background check tools provide a list of employees needing ongoing criminal records monitoring. Our software scans the records and notifies you right away of new criminal arrests and convictions. Our background check service has access to millions of U.S. booking records because of our network with correctional facilities and jails.

Receive Criminal Record Searches that are FCRA and EEOC Compliant

You may wonder if an employer can ask about an arrest record. While the answer is yes, there are several rules and regulations that you must observe.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) makes it clear that employers cannot use arrest information to discriminate against employees. The Federal Consumer Reporting Act also has provisions for how to address situations where a criminal record search may have an adverse effect on an employee’s work status. It also includes what information is allowable on the report, and other critical guidelines.

Pre-employ uses automated software and an FCRA-certified team of experts to verify the accuracy of background check results. This ensures that you act upon fair and verified information.

Do Employment Backgrounds Show Arrests?

Companies have instant access to millions of records in local, state, and federal agencies across the United States through a criminal background check service like Pre-employ. Organizations find out immediately if an employee has a new criminal incident on their record through criminal activity monitoring.

This type of real-time reporting can save your company from reputational harm and unwanted news coverage related to your employee’s involvement with the law. Preventing potential harm to your. team and allowing you to take action sooner.