Benefits of an Online Background Check Service Integration with Your ATS

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In today’s fast-paced marketplace, many organizations struggle with high-volume hiring challenges. If you are one of these businesses, you have several needs to meet when onboarding large amounts of employees at a time:

  • You need a talent pool filled with qualified talent.
  • You need an onboarding process that vets new employees quickly and reliably.
  • You need a transparent screening system to reassure candidates.

Meeting all of these goals while ensuring that you have made smart hiring decisions can be frustrating and time-consuming. Fortunately, state-of-the-art online background checks services like those from Pre-employ can help you accomplish them while simultaneously boosting workflow.

The Benefits of Integrating an Online Background Check Service into Your Current ATS

Speedy recruitment and intuitive applicant pre-employment background screening tracking is a must for HR departments. Organizations that rely on more traditional approaches for personal history checks are more likely to make errors. These situations can lead to Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) violations, discrimination lawsuits, and missing out on top talent due to slow reporting.

Using an online background check means quicker turnaround times that enable swift conversions. Advanced new hire screening technology like that of Pre-employ can seamlessly integrate into your current applicant tracking system (ATS).

Below are some of the key benefits that employers and HR managers enjoy when integrating Pre-employ online background check services with their ATS:

Streamline Your Entire Hiring Process

At Pre-employ, we recognize how valuable time is for your company. Our online background check services make it possible to not only vet top talent quickly and accurately through our access to extensive databases of information, but you can also conduct E-Verify and I-9 processes, all under the same application. We provide built-in automated tools to empower your hiring managers to process high volumes of applicants at once when your company needs it most.

By integrating our proprietary software with your current ATS, you won’t have to switch between systems, and instead, enjoy conducting necessary screening duties in the familiar environment of your ATS dashboard.

Even better is that your team can better anticipate where their candidates are in the onboarding process and plan for training. Our company enables you to make informed hiring decisions that will benefit your organization for years to come.

Reduce Potentially Costly Redundancies

Employers that use a separate online background check service often have to enter information into two or more locations when creating internal records. Pre-employ screening software makes this a thing of the past by centralizing the entire background check process into one location. This means that multiple departments involved with a new hire can easily access this information.

This eliminates scenarios of one hand not knowing what the other is doing, which leads to redundant information that may be inconsistent.

Know in Real-Time the Current Status of Your Current Online Background Check Requests

When conducting a pre-employment background check, there may be a need to request information on a candidate from multiple sources. The complexity of your screening needs can be hard to track if you need to rely on a separate history check service to gather the data and send it to you once completed. Many of these services struggle to fulfill high-volume batches promptly or could hold up an entire order until all are complete.

Pre-employ makes it possible to upload multiple online background check requests at once, and our integration makes it possible to keep track of the status of each individually so that you aren’t waiting in the dark waiting for answers. No surprise last-minute requests for more information on candidates. Our automated system provided notifications and follow-up requests so that you can keep the process moving.

Integrating Online Background Check Services with Your ATS Creates a Better Applicant Experience

Candidates get a first taste of how your company operates through their recruitment experience. You want them to feel confident that they chose the right company. One way to accomplish this is to create a screening process that is streamlined and non-threatening. Integrating Pre-employ online background check software with your ATS helps ensure that there are not any frustrating delays blocking them from getting to work.

With our online background check integration, candidates can enjoy a one-stop-shop recruitment experience. When they visit your ATS site, they will complete their online application and authorize a screening. From there, you can request the necessary pre-employment background checks and track the process through to completion. By streamlining this aspect of your recruitment strategy, candidates will also gain confidence in how you respect their data privacy.

Learn More About Streamlining Your Criminal Background Checks Process with Pre-Employ

Hiring in any industry has become more competitive as advanced technology improves the speed and accuracy of online background check services. Having this software integrated into your ATS will also help create a comprehensive hiring platform that is intuitive, convenient, and easy to access among collaborating departments. It also builds employee confidence that your organization can conduct high-volume hiring without sacrificing safety or due diligence.

Discover how our built-in automation and award-winning support has companies raving about their experiences using our customizable, reliable, and quick to turn-around process. Pre-employ makes it possible to quickly convert top talent your organization needs to gain a competitive edge over other industry rivals. Even better? By streamlining workflows and mitigating negligent hiring risks, your candidates can get to work faster in a work environment that fosters a sense of security and trustworthiness. If you require an online background check company that offers a seamlessly integrated experience with your applicant tracking system, contact us today for a free quote.

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