Kansas Nursing Home Facing $1.5 Million Lawsuit

Kansas Nursing Home Facing $1.5 Million Lawsuit

An Andover, Kansas nursing home is facing a $1.5 million wrongful death lawsuit due to failing to conduct appropriate employment screening on a staff member. This staff member is currently facing criminal charges for raping one of the facilities mentally incapacitated residents.

The family of the 68-year-old resident believes that the brutal rape by the staff member contributed to her death on August 25. Further, the lawsuit alleges that if a timely background check had been performed by Mapleton Assisted Living facility the staff member would never have been hired.

This seems likely due to the red flags such a check would have revealed including multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, a decision by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts to restrict contact with female patients, and an 18-month prison sentence due to food stamp fraud.

Though the state requires nursing facilities to perform appropriate background checks on staff members the facility failed to perform the check until six-months into his employment. Read the full article here.

You need to be proactive to protect your customers, employees, and your organization. That means with timely background checks.