Secure Employment Verifications with Superior Customer Support

People are increasingly concerned about their privacy, and based on the amount of detailed information organizations have about their employees, this places employers in a difficult situation. Employers are forced to balance their responsibility for protecting privacy while sharing information with lenders and others to support their previous and current employees.

At Pre-employ, we are experts at managing sensitive information and permitted access. We manage employment verifications while ensuring access meets the strict requirements for permissible use and is authorized by the employee. Plus, our staff is 100% U.S. based and we never package and resell this information to third parties, so we ensure the highest levels of privacy and protection. That’s why we created MyEmployment, a division of Pre-employ that handles employment verifications with special features for employers and applicants.

MyEmployment provides employers with:

• Access to data for employers and their employees

• A shared commission when verifiers pay to access their data

• Dedicated US-based customer service representatives

• Guarantees employee data is never packaged and resold

Employees using MyEmployment get:

• A free online profile that shows the information others can view

• Automatic alerts whenever anyone accesses his or her information

• The ability to lock their profiles so pre-approved access is required

• Protection of information from marketers, scammers, and others

MyEmployment is a convenient way for employers and their previous and current employees to manage verifications, plus your company receives a commission from Pre-employ when pre-approved verifiers (lenders, agencies, etc.) pay to securely access your employee’s information. As a result, there’s no reason to continue performing employment verifications yourself, risking employee information with third parties, or using third parties that sell your information to others.

Our My Employment division is created to provide secure employment verifications. Using our employment verification services, your organization can securely automate the processing of your employee requests, to provide and share their information with potential employers, government agencies, and lenders. Plus, you also get the commission from us when pre-approved verifiers pay to access your employee information.

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