Background Screening Needs for Manufacturers Are Changing

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Manufacturing companies are important to our country, and manufacturers consider it vital to ensure that their employees are responsible and dependable. In order to avoid possible liability issues with their employees, manufacturers take a number of steps, such as background checks to find out more about their potential employees.

Manufacturers need to be careful about who they employ for other reasons as well. Manufacturing jobs frequently involve operating control systems or equipment that require close attention to detail. This means any sort of drug impairment could have serious repercussions. Also, employees in a manufacturing company may have access to a lot of valuable items, so theft can be a concern.

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These background checks need to follow the regulations set forth in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The Fair Credit Reporting Act has requirements for employers and background check companies that need to be followed when conducting background checks, including the requirement for employers to supply employees or applicants with a stand-alone disclosure form at specific times.

Although background checks continue to be important, some manufacturers may need to make some changes to their hiring process due to labor shortages and changing laws. Here are some developments manufacturers may want to consider when determining their procedures for background checks.

Drug Screening for Marijuana 

Many states have legalized cannabis use, and the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act (MORE Act) has been passed by the United States House of Representatives. This would remove cannabis from the federal schedules of controlled substances and decriminalize its use on a nationwide basis. But, this act has not yet been passed by the U.S. Senate.

However, even if the MORE Act does not pass, laws regarding the use of cannabis have already changed considerably and will probably continue to change. Some states have even passed laws banning employers from discriminating against job applicants and employees for using cannabis. Due to the changes in laws concerning the use of cannabis, employers should make sure they are aware of any state and local laws concerning its use and make sure to comply with these laws when conducting any drug or background screenings.

“Ban-the-Box” Laws

“Ban-the-Box” laws place restrictions on an employer’s access to the criminal history of job applicants. Generally, these laws are intended to force employers to consider an applicant’s qualifications for a job before they have access to the applicant’s criminal history. Different states, cities, and counties have different laws, so it is essential for employers to check these laws before conducting a background check. Additionally, the federal government has a law that covers federal contractors.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Another area manufacturers need to be concerned about when conducting background checks is equal employment opportunity laws. Manufacturers need to make sure they consider state and municipal laws in addition to federal laws when conducting any background checks. It’s also important that, in addition to ensuring there is a job-related reason for conducting any background checks, they do not disproportionately affect a particular group in a negative way. If this happens, it could lead to lawsuits. 

Manufacturers need to continually monitor their hiring policies to ensure there are no unintentionally disparate outcomes based on the backgrounds of the applicants.

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