Best Criminal Background Check Services

best criminal background check services

Are you an employer wanting to hire someone to either work in your home or your company? Do you want to make the best choices and prevent mistakes as much as possible? In that case, you should consider carrying out background checks to determine their credibility.

It is essential to know that there are different ways to go about this check. Fortunately, this article will discuss some of the best ways to run a criminal background check in the modern world. It will also teach you why background checks are essential and other things you should know about the concept. 

The best background check services allow you to quickly and accurately access information on individuals and verify their identities.

Other uses for criminal background check 

Apart from employers wanting to check on the credibility of applicants or employees, criminal background checks are also carried out by individuals who have suspicions about others and need confirmation.

A person might have heard a rumor about a neighbor that just moved in and decided to protect the locals living in that neighborhood. To avoid that individual disrupting the peace, they will need to carry out a criminal background investigation. 

How fast can a background check be done? 

Some check sites take one to three business days to provide information to criminal background checks. Some others might take up to two weeks to deliver the results of a background check, depending on how extensive the information needed is. 

Sites that offer instant results to inquiries often produce inadequate, incomplete, or incorrect results. If you are carrying out a criminal check that involves the FBI, it takes up to thirty days to get a result. 

Federal background checks take only a day and provide federal tax evasion, mail fraud, embezzlement, theft, interstate trafficking, crimes committed on federal property. 

Is it okay to offer jobs to applicants with criminal records?

To put it simply, it might not be a horrible idea to recruit employees with some criminal records. However, it is essential to consider the severity and nature of the crimes in the document before going ahead to employ such people. 

Also, it would be best to ensure that the person has fully served penalties for his crime and is adequately rehabilitated before employing someone with a criminal record. 

How do criminal background checks work?

In a criminal background check, information on felonies, charges, infractions, active jail time or warrants, parole, penalties, suspended sentences, driving offenses, and fines, court dismissals are being revealed. 

Best criminal background check services

To get the best of results, you need to be sure that the sites or companies you get criminal check services from complying with laid down rules of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. 

This is to be sure that the search you are carrying out is done legally. If carried out on websites that do not follow FCRA rules, you can be sued for privacy breaches. Pre-employ has been Awarded No.1 in the nation for excellent customer service two years in a row, providing a hassle-free employees background checks combined with innovative background check software. 


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