Boston Bar Owner Admits to Failing to Conduct Background Check on Bouncer Accused of Murder

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Featured Boston Bar Owner Admits to Failing to Conduct Background Check on Bouncer Accused of Fatally Stabbing Patron (1)

A downtown bar in the city of Boston is facing accusations of several violations after a bouncer it had never conducted a background check upon in its employ stabbed a patron to death. The bar has already lost its entertainment license and may soon be facing a lawsuit from the relatives of the deceased.

During a hearing recently held before the city’s licensing board, members of the board outlined several violations. These included employing armed security without approval, failing to supervise conduct at the establishment, and failing to alert police to the incident. During the hearing, the bar’s legal representation claimed that the incident was “not foreseeable” despite the fact that during a line of questioning held at the hearing, the bar’s owner revealed that a background check had not been conducted on the employee. The fact board’s Commissioner characterized it as “willful ignorance.”

Surveillance video of the incident appears to show that the bar’s employee and the victim, a Marine veteran, got into a confrontation at the door to the establishment. This was followed by the victim and a friend walking away. The bar’s employee is accused of then following the victim and fatally stabbing him in the chest. The employee returned to the bar, cleaned the blood off of himself, turned his shirt inside out, removed some items of clothing which the police later recovered from a trash can, and then exited the bar through a rear door.

According to the bar’s attorney, the employer had not condoned the possession of any weapons on the part of the employee, and the event was not foreseeable, which, based upon case law, is the standard for which the city’s businesses are accountable. 

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The city’s officials also discovered as a result of the investigation that the bar had never submitted a “security and operations plan,” which led to the revocation of the establishment’s entertainment license. This means that for the time being, the bar will be unable to play recorded or live music or play a television. The bar’s liquor license is also under separate review. In addition, the family of the victim has announced that they will be filing a civil lawsuit against the establishment.

This case clearly demonstrates the importance of conducting a background check on all potential employees. This can prevent many tragic and senseless incidents such as this one from ever occurring.

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