How Long Do Background Checks Take?

How Long Do Background Checks Take?

The routine background check takes between one to two business days, usually right in between there. Our company average is about 1.6 business days, but there can be some things that slow down your background check.

If your background check has an employment verification in it, for example, and the employer you used to work for does not want to cooperate with telephone calls or emails or letters, that could slow down your background check. But as a rule, it should take between one and two business days.

Another thing that can slow down your background check is the criminal courthouse itself. During recent times with pandemics, with strikes, with lack of funds, courts across the nations have had to close. Most background checks are done for employment purposes for your job by people walking into the courthouses and looking at records. They write down what they see, or in some cases, take pictures or make copies of what they see. They then send it to companies like or, and then we take that into a report and send it to the employer.

One of the ways you can fast track your background check is to order one yourself. You can go to, order your own background check, you can see what’s in it, and nothing is stopping you from giving it to an employer and showing them that this is what they will see on the background check. That can help speed up the process as they instruct their background check company to do x,y, and z based on yours.

That can speed up your background check because the employer can take that information and use what they want, order what they want, and move on. An example of information that can be reused in the hiring process for your background check is an employment verification. Suppose you have an employment verification certified by a background check company, and it’s in the past. In other words, you may have worked there from 10 years ago to last year, that information is never going to change because you did work there at that time. If you certify that time in your background check, your employer or potential employer may use it for their background check and may not have to rerun it. Each company is a little bit different; they have their own rules. Each state can be different, and there are some federal guidelines. It has to be redone within 30 days to be compliant with most federal, state, and local laws with criminal checks.

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