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Background Verification Companies

Background verification companies have long been a layer of security for organizations when making hiring decisions. The value of receiving personal history data to verify education and work experience along with other pertinent details of their criminal or employment history has protected many organizations while being fiscally beneficial. When choosing the right background verification company, the savings on risk and cost are no small benefit. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, many organizations lose nearly 5 percent of their annual revenue because of occupational fraud alone.

This reality underscores the necessity of conducting thorough screenings, but how can your company maximize the effectiveness of the background verification companies it uses?

Key Features Every Background Verification Company Should Provide

When it comes to conducting background checks, there are key services companies should expect to ensure the process is efficient, thorough, and effectively supports company hiring efforts. Here are four features background verification companies should provide your organization to boost screening effectiveness:

Prioritize the Candidate Experience

Candidate perception of your company is equally as important as their matching your criteria for hire. If a candidate has a good experience it will help set the tone for a positive future employment. One factor that has the largest impact is the overall candidate experience when undergoing a background check. To create a positive candidate experience, making the process streamlined, transparent, and respectful of applicant time is critical.

ATS Integration

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are now an everyday tool in many human resource departments today. Integrating the background screening process with your company ATS not only eliminates double entry but also allows recruiters to select candidates for background screening. This, in turn, makes it possible to track what has been completed in real-time as candidates progress through the interview and hiring process.

Employee background check companies like Pre-employ make seamless integration of background screening with your current ATS possible. Our online background check software suite and customer portal allow recruiters to ensure a more complete employee record. This means no more chasing of paper forms or relying on multiple platforms to track background screening status.

Automation of Key Processes and Workflows

Technological advances in automation have impacted HR and recruiting team capabilities ten-fold in the past decade. When determining which background verification companies you want to rely on for your screening needs, the use of automation to eliminate error-ridden paper-based processes is a critical aspect to consider. Hr teams need workflows that make the conduction of pre-employment background checks efficient and straightforward.

But, not all automated features are built the same. Below are some key background check processes that you should expect background verification companies to automate:

Drug Screening

Save your HR team from sending numerous emails to set up and receive drug screening results. Automated screening options allow your candidates to choose a conveniently located testing facility, as well as automating notifications of completion and sending you the results.

E-disclosures and Authorizations

Allowing candidates to securely review and sign required disclosures and authorization documents rather than tracking paper forms ensures better compliance and improve record-keeping.

Consolidated Services

One-stop shopping is a benefit to more than just productivity, but also your budget. Avoid background verification companies that use multiple processes for employment verifications, criminal background checks, or other database searches. Pre-employ consolidates all of our services into one place and centralized database so your entire team can track the candidate process and access the results simultaneously.

Adverse Action Compliance

Automating adverse action notifications allows companies to generate customized action letters based on jurisdiction and time stamp notifications for easier reference later. This helps avoid compliance mistakes that can cost your business thousands of dollars in fines and potential discriminatory hiring suits.

Work with a Trusted Screening Partner

While this may seem the most obvious feature to guarantee reliability and effectiveness, many organizations aren’t sure what makes background verification companies trustworthy. To boost your current screening processes, you need a partner that not only conducts checks thoroughly but also keeps you up to date on any regulatory compliance changes that could impact how you use the information received on a candidate.

Pre-employ has a team that is FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) certified, which ensures you avoid these costly mistakes. We also leverage the most technologically advanced background check tools to ensure your HR team, employees, and candidates have a positive experience. We recognize how important it is to employ all the advantages and opportunities provided by automated processes.

Boost Your Background Check Process with Pre-employ Today

Pre-employ is a premium background verification company that offers the most reliable and high-quality data to our clients to help protect their organization. Our dedication to providing the best product to our customers is shown in how we make hiring processes simplified with easy access that doesn’t sacrifice accuracy or increases your liability.

We help companies make smart hiring decisions quickly by way of our advanced software suite that seamlessly integrates with your current HRM. From criminal record reporting to identity verification checks, our background verification company boosts your existing screening processes so that workflow bottlenecks become a thing of the past.

You can rely on Pre-employ background check software to ensure you get access to official databases and records while complying with industry regulations. Our company recognizes there are countless alternatives for obtaining access to verification data. Only Pre-employ offers an unwavering focus on superior customer support and excellent applicant experiences backed by a 100% US-based service and support team. 

Request a quote today to learn more about our employment screening solutions.