Michigan Court Rule Prevents Background Checks

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Michigan Court Rule Prevents Background Checks

Beginning on July 1st, Michigan courts will remove personally identifiable information, including birth dates, from court documents. This new rule will make it extremely difficult for employers and renters in Michigan to receive a complete background check.

This new rule mandated by the Michigan State Supreme Court will apply to all court-produced documents produced beginning on July 1st, 2021. For cases occurring after this date, the policy will make it virtually impossible in many cases to match a given court case to a particular individual. 

This is because though a name may be available on a court document, without any additional information, a professional screening service may be left with several people who possess the same name. This is why a date of birth is the minimum most professional background check providers need to ensure the right individual is matched to a given court case.

Without this critical information, Michigan employers and renters will be left without the ability to make safe and educated employment or housing decisions. According to many critics, they may choose not to make them at all. Many are worried that this decision could harm Michigan’s employer’s hiring efforts, just as the state is recovering from the effects of the pandemic.