Minnesota Governor’s Proposed Budget Includes Funding for Marijuana Legalization and Expungements

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Minnesota Governor’s Proposed Budget Includes Funding for Marijuana Legalization and Expungements
January 30, 2023

The governor of Minnesota has presented a proposed budget to fund various state agencies. This budget would allow the agencies to carry out marijuana legislation. In addition, the governor projects expected revenue from the legalization as lawmakers work to enact reforms.

The lieutenant governor stated that it is past time to legalize the safe use of cannabis for adults. In addition, the lieutenant governor expressed how marijuana has become part of the state’s economic future. She added that reforms would address health concerns and allow the state to regulate the industry. 

As such, the state would ensure the population gets safe products and education about using cannabis. Additionally, the lieutenant governor declared it would also address public safety. For example, it would allow law enforcement to concentrate on violent crimes. In addition, it would give people convicted of non-violent crimes involving marijuana a second chance by expunging their records. 

According to the budget document, the governor has recommended funding to safely and responsibly legalize adult cannabis use in Minnesota. He also wants to fund grants to assist individuals in entering the legal cannabis market, enact taxes on adult-use cannabis, and expunge non-violent offenses involving cannabis.

The budget would allocate millions of dollars to many different state agencies, helping implement the legalization of marijuana in the state. The governor also wants funding to create a Cannabis Expungement Board.

Additionally, the broader legislation would have dismissals, convictions, stayed sentences of petty misdemeanors, exonerations, and misdemeanor marijuana offenses automatically sealed by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. This step would include notifying local law enforcement agencies of the expungement along with the Judicial Branch for compliance purposes.

The lawmakers will consider the legislation, including the expungement board. This board would consider other cannabis convictions, determining an individual’s eligibility for resentencing or expungement.

In addition, the legislation would include an advisory board for substance misuse. This board would receive 5 percent of the marijuana tax revenue to support public health programs. The governor also proposed funding to implement the legalization of marijuana in his previous executive budget. Unfortunately, state lawmakers did not enact those policy changes.

The governor believes the legislation will pass by May. However, if it does not pass by the end of the month, it will have to wait as the legislature adjourns.

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