How to Handle Red Flags on Employee Background Checks

Red Flags on Background Checks

As an employer, encountering candidates who misrepresent their information to get hired isn’t uncommon. Depending on what job they are applying for, and what information was inaccurate, their job offer may still be viable. This decision is tough for hiring managers because if a candidate wasn’t honest on their resume, what might be in there background?

For many employers, receiving misleading information on just the application typically results in disqualifying the application altogether. What if you don’t find these inconsistencies until you run their online background check? If you find red flags on your candidate’s personal history, consider some of the tips in this article to help you navigate the situation and possibly keep your new employee.

Take Time to Double-Check the Information

Fact-finding is the most important step to take when you discover troubling information on an employee background check. Ensure that your service provider or screening method is accurate before having an awkward conversation with your team member. Not all companies have received certification through the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) as Pre-employ has.

If you are getting personal information through simple online search tools like Google or PeopleFinder, understand these sources don’t verify their data, they just aggregate information from all over the Internet using related terms.

Be Empathetic When Discussing Discrepancies with Your Candidate

Regardless if you find a red flag or now, it’s always appropriate to speak with your candidate after running a check. For new hires that have nothing of concern on their personal history, welcome them aboard, and express your excitement on becoming part of your team.

If you do find trouble spots in their criminal or educational details, verify the information you received was correct and then have a sit-down. Focus on why you didn’t receive accurate information about their past and determine if they are still a fit for your workplace. Sometimes, it isn’t so much their past conviction or missing education, but the fact your new hire wasn’t honest with you in the first place. You must decide if this risk is still worth taking if they are persuasive and reasonable regarding the need to hide their past.

Decide If You Should Go Forward With the Hiring Process

The hiring process is an investment in an asset – the employee. You pour valuable time into the search for a fitting candidate and will have future training costs, benefits, and other expenses to manage after hiring them. When you find red flags on a background check, you have to take all of these factors into account before deciding to walk away from your efforts.

You can be sure that there are qualities you genuinely want and need in your hire choice, and it would be better to continue on-boarding them if possible. Ultimately, you must decide if the unknowns you discovered are worth starting over again or still qualify them for a chance to prove themselves in your business space.

Choose a Recognized Online Background Check Company for Screening

Finding red flags on an employee background screen that you weren’t expecting is frustrating for many hiring managers. If this happens to you, first evaluate the source of your information to prevent any undue embarrassment or stress on you and the candidate. Pre-employ complies with all accreditation standards required by the Background Screening Credentialing Council (BSCC), which demonstrates our commitment to providing timely and accurate personal data.

While Pre-employ believes that second-chances are vital in the workforce, we also believe honesty and transparency create a lasting working relationship between business owners and their workers.

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