Remote Work May Make Employers More Vulnerable to the Threat of Russian Cyberattacks

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Featured Remote Work May Make Employers More Vulnerable to the Threat of Russian Cyberattacks

The White House has distributed a fact sheet as the risk of upcoming Russian cyberattacks increases urging companies to “Act now to protect against potential cyberattacks.

As painful as this threat remains, companies’ cyber-attack risks have been increasing regardless of Russian threats. Ultimately, it’s been time for businesses to take a moment to address their security vulnerabilities and properly protect their organization. 

The White House urges corporations to implement these protections immediately: 

   Multi-Factor Authentication

    • Mandate multi-factor authentication in your programs to make it more challenging for attackers to penetrate systems.

   Safety Instruments in Computer Systems

    • Deploy fashionable safety instruments in your computer systems and gadgets to repeatedly search for and mitigate threats.

   Consult Cybersecurity Professionals

    • Check with cybersecurity professionals to confirm your programs are patched and guarded towards all identified vulnerabilities. Alter passwords throughout your networks in order that beforehand stolen credentials are ineffective to malicious actors;


    • Assess your backup policy so that all knowledge is correctly stored and assure your offline backups past the attain of malicious actors.

   Emergency Drills

    • Run an emergency drill so that you and your team are ready to respond rapidly to decrease the impression of any assault.


    • Encrypt your knowledge to ensure it can’t be used even if stolen.

   Educate Employees

    • Educate your staff to all techniques that attackers might use. From electronic mail or by way of websites, and encourage them to report if their computer systems or telephones have proven uncommon conduct, comparable to strange crashes or are working very slowly

   Engage Native FBI or CISA Regional Office

    • Engage proactively along with your native FBI area workplace or CISA Regional Office to set up relationships upfront of any cyber incidents. Please encourage your IT and Security management to go to the websites of CISA and the FBI the place they’ll discover technical info and different helpful sources. In addition, provide the Internet Crime Complaint Center information to key persons and groups.

The increase in remote work may have increased companies’ vulnerabilities. However, employers can take active steps to protect their organization.

The White House has announced it will continue its efforts to provide resources and tools to the private sector, including via CISA’s Shields-Up campaign.

In addition to better education for companies in the private sector, the President signed a bill into law on March 15, 2022, requiring many businesses to report cyber-attacks quickly. It is expected by many that this will allow companies to remain aware of current threats and promptly create new procedures to respond. However, others have expressed concern that the distraction of following reporting procedures could do more harm than good when businesses are rushing to respond to a breach in their systems.

Each organization has the responsibility to reinforce its cybersecurity, and with more resources and information than ever, now is the time.

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