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While utilizing the nation’s top integration capabilities as well as US based customer service professionals,Pre-employ has
an average of 1.69 days per background check request.

Your Customer Service team not only waits to answer your questions, they proactively interact with field researchers from around the world. Constantly getting updates, reviewing results and helping speed the background check through our compliance department when a result is returned to us.
Awarded #1 in the nation for Customer Service. 
2 years in a row. 100% US Based.

At Pre-employ, our mission is to deliver the best customer and applicant experiences possible.
While other companies focus on cutting costs by eliminating Account Managers, off-shoring Customer Service staff, and selling their customer’s information.

Pre-employ still offers the same good old fashion Customer Service we have been providing right here in the U.S. since 1994 – and we never sell our customer’s or applicant’s information.

Pre-employ follows all state, federal and international laws surrounding the screening of personnel.

Our researchers and internal employees are tested and audited to ensure on going accuracy. In addition, we keep the nation’s top employment law professionals on retainer to get the latest information on compliance with state and federal guidelines. 

Our FCRA certification program for our employees makes Pre-employ the smart choice for fast, accurate and compliant background screening needs

Our best price guarantee means that you never have to worry about paying too much for your background check screening.This allows us to focus on what really matters, speed and accuracy. Helping you with a quicker hiring process.

Simply ask us to evaluate your current pricing for our best price guarantee and help us speed up your background check screening program and most likely, reduce costs.

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Pre-Employ provides unmatched Customer Service sets us apart as a leader in the industry. We are recognized as a top provider out of 900 other firms like ours by HRO Today based on customer service and size. Find Out Why Today!