Quicker & More Accurate Employee Background Check

Fueled by superior technology, our screenings achieve higher-quality data in less time so you can make the most secure, informed hiring decisions and get new employees to work sooner.

Criminal Searches

  • National Criminal Record Check – A multijurisdictional database search to locate potential records.
  • Federal Criminal Court – A Search of thousands of jurisdictions for state and local crimes.
  • Statewide Criminal Record – A direct search of state courts, police and law enforcement criminal records.
  • County Criminal Record – A search of county courts for cases; this includes the charge and disposition.
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Verification Searches

  • Employment Verifications – A verification of candidates last three employers within the last seven – year period.
  • Education Verifications – This check confirms education credentials that a candidate received as well as course of study and dates of attendance.
  • Reference Verifications – Personal or professional reference interviews based on custom question lists and/or industry standard inquires.
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Registry Searches

  • SSN Trace & Address History – This is a verification that can be used to better determine additional searches that need to be conducted based on public records databases and credit bureau information to provide associated address history and names.
  • Sex Offender Register Check – A search of all 50 states sex offenders registries which include sex offenders date of registration and status.
  • Global Watchlist Records Check – This search identifies whether a candidate is listed on any international or domestic watchlists through Most Wanted lists via FBI and Interpol’s as well as US Drug Administration Wanted Fugitive list, US terrorist Lists and various governmental sanctions lists.
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I-9 & E-Verify

Pre-employ offers I-9 compliance using the same portal for all of your searches and drug tests. Our I-9 compliance program includes electronic forms automated with the latest changes and of course 100% paperless management. You can ensure complete compliance while eliminating the risk of fines.

  • Online Automated System
  • Electronic I-9 Forms
  • Instant E-Verify Processing
  • Ensured Regulatory Compliance
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Credit Reports

Employment background credit checks provide insight into candidates integrity and responsibility towards their financial obligations, noting a record of credit-to-debt ratio and any past bankruptcies. Pre-employ offers a complete report to help employers manage risk and ensured FCRA guidance and compliance for a clearer and more informed hiring decision.

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Drug Testing

Pre-employment Drug Screening Pre-employ offers a range of drug screening services with our enhanced client portal. This easy one-page ordering process includes real-time search of site locations through an interactive map to make viewing the closest collection sites simple.

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OIG Search & Healthcare Sanctions Background Check

This search utilizes the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of the Inspector General (OIG)’s List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE) as well as the General Services Administration (GSA)’s System for Award Management (SAM) to identify individuals and entities who are excluded from Federally funded health care programs. Any exclusion record information is reported in compliance with Federal, State, Municipal, and FCRA Credit Reporting Agency Reportability.

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FACIS (Fraud abuse control information) remains the number one compliance and protection system in the healthcare industry. FACIS 1M meets and exceeds sanction screening standards set by OIG Compliance Program, all state-level Federal Health Care Entitlement Program, CMAS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services), NCQA (National Committee for Quality Assurance), URAC (Utilization Review Accreditation Commission).

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FACIS 1M Monitoring

FACIS 1M + Monitoring’s ongoing screening (aka Monitoring) meets and exceeds standards of the OIG and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, CMS, NCQA – National Committee for Quality Assurance, The Joint Commission, and URAC, as well as all state-level Federal Health Care Entitlement Program data. In addition, Monitoring offers an an easy automated process to continuously screen employees and vendors for exclusions, debarments, and board disciplinary actions.

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Motor Vehicle Report and DOT Screening

Motor Vehicle Records Check (MVR)

Provided by state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, this check reports information including: license status, violations & infractions, accidents suspensions or revocations, expiration date, endorsements and violations that typically remain on the driving records report for three years.

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Criminal Activity Monitoring

Monitoring continuously scans nationwide databases to provide real-time alerts when employees or watched persons are arrested. The comprehensive service includes over 80 percent of the nation’s incarcerations with access to more than 2,000 direct interfaces with law enforcement agencies, county jails, and state prisons.

With this ongoing service, you no longer need to check for arrests at set intervals or rely on ineffective self-reporting policies. Instead you’ll receive up-to-date reporting via your normal screening access when legally allowable.

Criminal Activity Search – Throughout Employment

This one-time search service adds a broad national search of previous arrest history. This can be run once at any time or at the time of hire, that includes over 80% of the nations incarcerations with access to 2,000+ direct interfaces with law enforcement agencies, county jails, state prisons, DOCs, courthouses across the country.

On average, it locates 15% more reportable convictions than standard initial background checks.

Criminal Activity Monitoring

This powerful, ongoing service monitors across the nation, continuously being alerted for notifications of arrests, bookings, and releases (employee’s potential criminal activities), is much more expansive than a standard background check, and alerts within 60 minutes of booking.

Once initially background checked and hired, employees are not typically re-checked during the tenure or may be checked at intervals and only in counties of residence. “Self-report” policies can be ineffective. This service monitors across the nation with up to 80% coverage of arrest information, at all times for you. Reporting is provided to you after court records are located, via your normal screening access when legally allowable.


The largest jail booking database in the country.
Direct interfaces to 2,000+ law enforcement agencies, covering more than 80% of all incarcerations.
140 million booking records. 1 million records per month streaming in within 60 minutes of booking.