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From streamlining your workload to assisting applicants faster, Pre-employ is continually breaking barriers with innovative solutions and technology. Learn how we can support you with the challenges of your role, whether you’re in Compliance, Operations, HR, or recruiting and staffing.

Talent Acquisitions

Why Talent Acquisition Trust Pre-employ For Their Background Checking

Pre-employ supports recruiting teams to hire smarter and quicker by leveraging the most robust technology in the industry. Our solutions help you discover more qualified applicants. We improve conversion with a better candidate experience. We help improve your turnaround time and find the most qualified people quickly.

  • Faster Turnaround Times
  • Improved Candidate Experience
  • Better Conversions
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HR Leaders

Better Hiring Tools With Built In Compliance So HR Leaders Can Focus On Scaling

Powered by industry-leading highly scalable technology, Pre-employ removes manual processes’ limitations to help you hire more efficiently with lower risk. We’ve built the hiring tools and streamlined operations so you can hire smarter, faster, and ultimately with fewer resources.

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Safeguarded Automation and Compliance Expert Review for Less Risk

Pre-employ stays ahead of legislative changes with industry-leading compliance tools continuously updating based on the latest regulations and modifications. We take compliance a step further and ensure that all of our employees have completed FCRA certification. In addition, they are tested and audited to ensure ongoing accuracy. Our compliance experts ensure that you are receiving only the most compliant and accurate background check to help avoid damaging and costly class-action lawsuits.

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Built-In Integrations and Hiring Tools To Streamline Your Hiring Process

Pre-employ offers operations leaders the hiring tools and advanced technology needed to make smart, fast, and safe hiring decisions. With innovative automation, custom and pre-built integration, and the support necessary for advanced technology, our streamlined workflows help to eliminate duplicate work and require fewer resources from your team.

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