Optimal hiring strategies help great companies thrive. That’s why companies like yours rely on Pre-employ to streamline their hiring process for a more efficient and compliant background check. Gain a competitive edge with our industry-leading technology and integrations and start hiring smarter.


Industry Leading Turnaround Times Through Automation and Integration

Leverage Pre-employ’s technology solutions to complete background checks faster and onboard candidates quickly. With proven experience and expertise, we understand the importance of maintaining a safe and trusted learning environment for students and employees in educational institutions.

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Compliant Background Checking Solutions For The Most Accurate & Reliable Results

Pre-employ’s industry expertise helps you implement the most compliant screening programs to hire critical resources quickly and accurately. Our industry leading compliance experts have helped support Healthcare organizations for decades. We understand the importance of ensuring screening regulations and compliance standards are adhered to.

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Giving Retail Companies a Competitive Edge With Pre-employ’s Proprietary Hiring Tools

Streamline your hiring process and reduce costs. We have the tools and hiring solutions that can help your teams run higher quality background checks with less resources. Pre-employ’s automations and integrations give stores the scalability and speed needed to meet staffing goals no matter the season.

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Faster Hiring. Safely.

Your staffing agency only deals in the best of the best. It is essential to stay ahead of the competition and be ready to make a job offer to talented candidates first. Complete your onboarding ahead of the rest with Pre-employ’s fast background checking process. Connect your clients with the qualified talent they crave without sacrificing safety.

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Better Background Checks for Nonprofit and Volunteer Organizations

Screening for volunteers and students is fast becoming a prerequisite across the country. It is adding additional steps and complexity to an already tedious process. It’s critical for organizations to have a comprehensive, quality background check to help mitigate potential risk. offers great flexibility with our volunteer/student background check options. You will receive a thorough and compliant background check. Your volunteer/student will also have the benefit of reviewing and controlling their background check information through our online secure platform.

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