Pre-employ stays ahead of legislative changes with industry-leading compliance tools continuously updating based on the latest regulations and modifications. We take compliance a step further and ensure that all of our employees have completed FCRA certification. In addition, they are tested and audited to ensure ongoing accuracy. This standard makes Pre-employ the smart choice to avoid human error and biases so that you make sound employment decisions.

Avoid Compliance Violations by Automating the Candidate Experience

Employees alike want to work for companies that care about providing a safe workplace. Compliance violations damage your brand positioning with consumers and skew candidate experiences, which limits your talent pool. These mistakes incur fines that hurt your profitability. By integrating automation into our background check process, your screening process helps provide:

  • Bias Free Hiring
  • Transparency regarding company employment practices
  • Minimize compliance liabilities like class-action lawsuits and punitive fines

Incorporate Innovative Compliance Safeguards into Your Background Check Process

Pre-employ pairs our specially-designed advanced screening software with a support team that is FCRA qualified. This brings valuable benefits to your hiring process, including:

  • Meeting state and federal hiring law compliance standards
  • Minimize human error that can create costly mistakes
  • Make solid candidate decisions

Our unmatched service standards and state-of-the-art automated screening software is a must-have for companies trying to streamline their onboarding process.

Compliance Requires Smart Technology that Accurately Applies Your Governing Regulations

One of the toughest challenges for compliance teams is finding a toolset that they don’t have to worry about continuously updating. Pre-employ has a team of dedicated FCRA certified professionals who take care of these constant changes in the application of the law. They make sure our background check software aligns with the jurisdiction you are operating.

Stay in the Know

Receive instant notification when the background check results have been completed. The employee will also receive a copy with the ability to share or email their background check.

Compliance is a Priority

When ordering from, you know you are getting an accurate and FCRA compliant background check. They also meet all state and federal regulations for employers, students, and volunteer organizations.