Pre-employ has the industry expertise that helps you implement the most compliant screening programs to hire critical resources quickly and accurately. Our industry-leading compliance experts have helped support Healthcare organizations for decades. We understand the importance of adherence to screening regulations and compliance standards.

Overcome Healthcare Hiring Challenges


Healthcare industry hiring is a competitive talent pool to find a candidate. Coupled with regulated onboarding practices required at nearly every level of government, onboarding needs to be swift and thorough to minimize risk of violating the law while not losing sought-after candidates. Healthcare employment screenings are the tools you need to simplify this process.

Faster Hiring. Safely.

Don’t lose talented candidates you need to competing organizations. Complete your onboarding ahead of the rest with Pre-employ’s fast background checking process. Get a clear picture of your candidate’s experience accurately so you can make quick hiring decisions with confidence.

Unsurpassed Support and Dedicated Account Management

Pre-employ values your time and need for reliable healthcare background checks under pressure. Our award winning, 100% U.S. based customer service team works with your dedicated account manager to handle all your background check needs expediently.

Hiring Deadlines? Easily Met.

Stop worrying about overly complicated background screening processes. Meet your deadlines in getting one or twenty candidates cleared for onboarding with ease. Pre-employ has the cutting-edge technology and dedicated account support you need to get verification completed and new employees to work.

Timely and Accurate

Your time is valuable, and mistakes are costly. With our knowledge of healthcare industry compliance standards, you can trust all of your employment screening results. They are located on the intuitive dashboard that comes as part of our client portal. You can quickly filter, organize, and make requests with just the click of a button.

No-Compromise Hiring


Pre-employ brings you fast and thorough employment background check results that cover healthcare industry demands regarding compliance. You can trust us to perform screenings that meet local, state, and federal regulations quickly, so that you can hire confidently without compromising your organization’s reputation or safety.

Physicians & Medical Staff

Meet all industry and government guidelines to ensure patients are receiving the care and protection they deserve. Pre-employ offers extensive employment background checks for physicians and allied health professionals your institution need.

Healthcare Employees

Avoid a bad hire that can cost lives and your company’s reputation. We provide the top comprehensive healthcare-related background checks in the country. From credential verification to medical malpractice claims, we provide you with a clear candidate before you hire.

Nursing & Health Students

Healthcare students are the lifeblood of a rich talent pool. Ensure you have the most talented scholars ready for hire at your healthcare facility. Verify they meet the qualifications and standards your organization demands for a successful career.

Stay in the Know

Receive instant notification when the background check results have been completed. The volunteer will also receive a copy with the ability to share or email their background check.

Compliance is a Priority

When ordering from, you know you are getting an accurate and FCRA compliant background check. They meet all state and federal regulations for employers, students, and volunteer organizations.

Pre-employ Works with Top Healthcare Organizations from Around the Country

Make your healthcare hiring compliance requirements a timely, dependable, and thorough process. Learn more about the many employment background check packages available to meet your industry demands. Connect with Pre-employ today!