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Achieve great success with your organization by using Pre-employ’s non-profit background checks to onboard the best employees and volunteers for your project while remaining compliant.

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Screening for volunteers and students is fast becoming a prerequisite across the country, adding additional steps and complexity to an already tedious process. Organizations must have a comprehensive, quality background check to help mitigate potential risks.

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Achieve Your Mission with Volunteer and Church Background Checks

Nonprofits and their volunteers make great things come to reality through their dedication and focus on mission goals. Some of these projects may involve interacting with the public and people in need, which makes church background screening vital to ensure the safety of your clients and keep your reputation in good standing with donors.

Award-Winning Management and Service offers great flexibility with our volunteer/student background check options. Not only will you receive a thorough, compliant non-profit background check but your volunteer/student will have the benefit of reviewing and controlling their screening information through our online secure platform.

Non-Profit Background Check Services Anywhere

Your volunteers/students can go directly to the site or you can email them the direct link to the package or your customized landing page. No matter where they are, you can complete the necessary background check compliance requirements with our software.

Qualify Volunteers

Avoid hiring delays and get your volunteers and employees working today! Pre-employ has the cutting-edge technology you need to start processing your non-profit background checks right away and monitor progress so you know where your workforce numbers stand.

Accurate Information to Act On

Nonprofit Background Screenings Supports Good Hiring Practices

Your nonprofit’s reputation and its volunteers leave a lasting impression and impact in the communities you are present. Protect yourself and learn what background screening options you need to ensure you are compliant.

Positive Screening Experiences

Create a nonprofit army of qualified employees and volunteers to propel your organization to success in all it does. Pre-employ recognizes the importance of your team and has created a background check process that is friendly and positive to leave a good impression on potential employees.

Stay in the Know

Receive instant notification when the background check results have completed, the volunteer will also receive a copy with the ability to share or email their background check.

Compliance is a Priority

When ordering from, you know you are getting an accurate and FCRA compliant background check and they meet all state and federal regulations for employers, students, and volunteer organizations.

Nonprofits and Volunteer Organizations Partner With Pre-employ for Fast, Affordable, Volunteer Screening

Keep your nonprofit compliant and open to serve others by working with the leader in volunteer background checks. Let’s connect and put together the perfect volunteer screening package for your organization today.