Retail hiring needs fast-paced solutions to keep up with staffing demands without hurting the business’s bottom line. Pre-employ’s retail employment background checks helps companies trying to stay ahead of turnover.

Dependable Screening Services


Streamline your hiring process and reduce costs. Use our tools and hiring solutions that help your teams run higher quality background checks with fewer resources. Pre-employ’s automation and integrations give retail stores the scalability and speed needed to meet staffing goals no matter the season.

Stay Ahead of Turnover

An understaffed store negatively impacts more than customer service and inventory. Your ability to turn a profit will suffer, as well. With customizable service options and packages, Pre-employ will help you stay ahead of staffing shortages affordably.

No Hassle Process

We help retail businesses centralize their employment background check needs in one place with our state-of-the-art proprietary software. Our platform helps make management and tracking of onboarding screening processes simplified.

Speedy Turnaround

Whether your business is facing a holiday staffing shortfall or you are trying to beat your competition to the fresh pool of candidates during the summer, you can rely on quick background screening turnaround so you can make offers sooner.

Save Time and Your Budget

Business owners and their managers have many hats to wear when running a store. You need fast solutions that don’t compromise your integrity or violate compliance laws with your local, state, or federal governments. Save your budget from costly mistakes with a simplified but thorough approach to pre-employment background screening.

Simplified and Intuitive

Easy Screening Software for Your Team

Don’t let seasonal business surges or unpredicted turnover catch you unprepared. Having our software ready at a moment’s notice to quickly submit an employment background check can help you quickly get new hires onboard and up to speed.

Easily Managed

Don’t lose track of where you are in the hiring process of each candidate. Manage pending, approved, and even review, your background check requests in our easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Unmatched Support

Have a question or issue? You can submit help responses directly from the dashboard while reviewing your background screening requests. Convenience and award-winning support all in one application!

Easy-to-use Dashboard

From viewing current pending background checks, reviewing past reports, or submitting a new one, you can manage hiring needs efficiently and expediently.

Stay in the Know

Receive instant notification when the background check results have completed. The employee will also receive a copy with the ability to share or email their background check.

Compliance is a Priority

When ordering from, you know you are getting an accurate and FCRA compliant background check. They meet all state and federal regulations for employers, students, and volunteer organizations.

Pre-employ Helps Retail Businesses Form Successful Teams

Comprehensive employment background checks with a quick turnaround are a must for retail businesses today. Finding a service that won’t hurt the bottom line and raise pricing is a fine balance to create that Pre-employ has helped thousands of companies achieve. Connect with us today to learn more about the many service features we provide.