Reasons Medical Providers Need an Agency for Healthcare Administration Background Screenings

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agency for healthcare administration background screening

Without a doubt, pre-employment background checks are a necessary part of any hiring process, but even more so in the healthcare industry. Because of the massive amount of personal data that medical professionals are responsible for, as well as their sworn oath to be responsible for the well-being of their patients, having a dedicated agency for healthcare administration background screenings is critical. This allows for the making of responsible hiring decisions that ensure only the most qualified and reliable talent works in your healthcare facility should be of the utmost importance.

Healthcare administration screenings help potential hires be evaluated for risks that may imperil the medical facility or group they have applied to work. Negligent hiring lawsuits, as well as medical malpractice claims, can devastate any healthcare organization in a short amount of time. This liability makes background checks and monitoring a critical aspect of a business.

Why You Should Hire an Agency for Healthcare Administration Screening

All too often, you may read or hear about stories of healthcare facilities and providers who failed to thoroughly investigate the background of an employee, and then a patient was hurt. These incidents happen for several reasons, but mainly cost and technological infrastructure are the primary reasons. Many times, these organizations had simply relied on internal screening methods and references from other medical professionals to make their decision. 

Using this strategy to vet healthcare staff not only opens risks for liability lawsuits, but there are some compliance risks, including:

  • Violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
  • Non-compliance with state-level privacy legislation
  • Additional FCRA issues on the state-level 
  • Consumer rights violations and/or infringements
  • OIG Compliance Violations

Basing hiring decisions without the knowledge and expertise of an agency for healthcare administration background screenings could also open your healthcare facility up to further litigation. Companies like Pre-employ have FCRA certified team members who can help you navigate complex regulations, such as:

  • Secure storage of candidate information and screening results
  • Abide by all state, federal, and international background check laws
  • Stay up-to-date on industry best practices

Failing to do any of these could cost more than the risks of having not conducted a background check at all.

Top Reasons Healthcare Facilities Need Pre-Employment Background Checks

The ramifications of failing to perform a thorough background check on a medical professional or candidate coming to work for your healthcare facility can be dramatic. Many states have standard background check requirements in place, it’s important to go above and beyond if you want to protect your patients, medical teams, and brand. 

Here are some reasons why working with a dedicated agency for healthcare administration background checks is so crucial:

Ensure Patient Safety in Your Care

The welfare of patients while receiving care in your facility is of critical importance. The purpose of your medical services is to do just that, so it only makes sense you take the necessary steps to accomplish this goal. Performing a healthcare administration background check ensures your current employees and potential hires are who they say they are, possess the high-quality training and skills they professed, and that they meet regulatory standards.

Failure to follow through and verify these details is inviting all sorts of lawsuits if something were to go wrong, and your employee doesn’t match the description on their resume.

Provide the Best Possible Patient Care Experience

Without a doubt, you want your healthcare service to be known for providing the best care for patients. Creating a company reputation that demonstrates a continuity of care, medical expertise, and safety are critical aspects to nurture and protect. Relying on an agency for healthcare administration background screenings is the only way to truly meet this expectation and provide unparalleled care.

Like any industry, employees can be your biggest asset or most devastating liability. When trying to convert top talent into team members, the competitive nature of the medical field can add pressure to rush the verification process. Background checking companies like Pre-employ help prevent this from happening by providing the accurate information you need, timeously, so you don’t lose highly-skilled professionals to your competitors.

Protect Your Healthcare Company and Its Assets

Your healthcare facility is home to state-of-the-art equipment, research and development labs, medication, and more. A criminal history of theft, embezzlement, and other problematic records, should be known before onboarding any potential new employees or volunteers.

Ensure Patient Data Privacy

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) laws give strict guidance and regulation of when and how medical information gets used. The ethical practices of potential hires in your healthcare facility demands a thorough investigation into their personal and professional references, any criminal history, and verification of their work history.

Pre-employ is the Agency You Need for Quick and Reliable Healthcare Administration Background Screenings

Reliability of information and turn around time are the two top challenges many healthcare companies face during the hiring process. Pre-employ helps our medical industry clients solve these issues by way of our advanced healthcare administration screening tools built into our automated software suite. Get the critical information you need right away and conduct searches across different areas of focus like:

  • Criminal
  • Credit
  • Identity verification
  • Professional licensing
  • Education history

Our simplified approach to background searches like criminal history record checks and identity verification are centralized in one location. This makes requesting, management, storage, and distribution of candidate information simplified, allowing your team to focus on conversions and other important organizational initiatives. 

With award-winning customer service and FCRA certified experts standing by to help provide the guidance you need to remain compliant with local, state, and federal law, our services give our thousands of clients a streamlined workflow that eliminates bottlenecks. There may be numerous alternatives for obtaining access to this insightful data but only Pre-employ offers an unwavering focus on superior customer support and excellent applicant experiences backed by a 100% US-based service and support team. 

Request a quotes today to learn more about our employment screening solutions.