Pre-employ uses our proprietary technology tools to enable quick and accurate criminal record searches for safer hiring. Our cutting-edge software suite makes national criminal background checks simple, straightforward, and completed in quick turnaround times. We use multiple identifiers to build a candidate profile for the screening process, which creates a clear picture of your future hire.

County Background Screenings

From DUI to domestic violence or theft, Pre-employ provides powerful background check services that uncover any pending cases or convictions in county court records across the United States. Our highly trained team of professionals will also process background check requests in counties that may not have online record availability.

Statewide Criminal Background Checks

Companies and organizations often need to reach across state lines to perform comprehensive national criminal background checks for satellite offices and operations located across their state. Our employment screening tools make quick work candidate criminal history searches. We access several state-level agency records at once to provide the fair and accurate results you need to make a smart hiring decision.

Federal Criminal Background Record Search

Organizations needing to verify a candidate’s background to fill a highly sensitive role in their operations may need to access public Federal Judiciary records. This information typically includes federally-related crimes committed anywhere in the United States. Pre-employ ensures all results meet compliance standards set forth by Municipal, State, Federal, and FCRA guidelines and laws.

Nationwide Criminal Record Searches

Pre-employ has access to over 300 million criminal records. We assist clients needing national criminal background checks for candidates they need to onboard. The National Criminal File Search is an expansive, multijurisdictional database tool that helps narrow down where on county or state levels an employer needs to focus their pre-employment screening efforts. This search acts as a pointer towards more up-to-date and relevant information found. Pre-employ re-verifies data according to FCRA standards.

What You Get from Criminal Searches

The importance of criminal records checks for hiring is a critical step in any onboarding process. Candidate legal history helps mitigate potential risks to your current staff and customers. Pre-employ provides advanced automated tools and award-winning customer support to assess criminal history on national, federal, state, and county levels. 


  • Felony-level convictions that involved crimes of thefts valued at $500 or more, aggravated assault and battery, murder, rape, and kidnapping.
  • Misdemeanor convictions involving vandalism, DUI, theft valued at $500 or less, prostitution, and more. 
  • Current criminal cases that an applicant may be awaiting adjudication, bench warrants, incarceration histories, and previous arrest records. 

Why Compliance is Critical when Evaluating Criminal Record Searches

Pre-employ recognizes the responsibility organizations have to their candidates and employees to conduct fair criminal record searches. Our services have automated compliance tools that reduce inaccuracies. Likewise, we have FCRA (Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act) certified experts ready to assist you in meeting the below mandatory standards:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) – These guidelines are a must-have compliance standard when conducting individualized assessments to make informed and equitable hiring decisions.
  • Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)– Background check providers need FCRA-compliant certification to help navigate the adverse actions that can occur if an applicant receives an employment denial based on their consumer report. 
  • Ban The Box & Fair Hiring Laws – State and local governments recognize the importance of encouraging employers to base hiring decisions on candidate qualifications and skills before denying employment. 

Why Criminal Background Checks Are Important

Using automated criminal record search tools in conjunction with Pre-employ’s integrated software suite and award-winning support team mitigates hiring risks while getting accurate results quickly. Create a safe and secure workplace and efficient workflows. Ensure you attract the best talent and can onboard without tedious paperwork delays.


A comprehensive criminal background check is vital in the creation of a comprehensive pre-employment screening process. Using Pre-employ built-in automation and award-winning support, companies enjoy a customizable, reliable, and quick to turn-around process. This converts candidates quicker and fosters a secure and trustworthy work environment. It saves you from wasted training costs due to bad hiring.