Employee Screening With Superior U.S. Based Customer Support

Now more than ever, maintaining an effective workforce involves the comprehensive screening of applicants and their qualifications to determine the best available candidates. At Pre-employ, we are delivering excellence in providing…

  • Fast background checks
  • Accurate drug tests
  • Convenient I-9 compliance
  • Secure employment verification’s

At Pre-employ, we uniquely focus on achieving ever-higher levels of superior customer support and excellent candidate experiences with a U.S. based customer service team and proactive account monitoring. And since the sources of background information, centers for drug testing, and agencies for employment eligibility verification are the same industry wide, customer service and applicant experience matter most. Service helps improve turnaround times and your hiring processes.

More reasons we are different…

1. Continuously monitored customer programs
2. Pro-active elimination of potential issues
3. 100% US-based service and support staff
4. No reselling or offshoring of information
5. Social network monitoring and support

There are no longer advantages to “do-it-yourself” or “in-house” programs for background checking, drug testing, I-9 compliance, or employment verification. Pre-employ partners with organizations of all sizes and industries to accelerate and automate their employment screening programs and deliver screening more rapidly, accurately, conveniently, and securely.

At Pre-employ, we continuously strive to deliver you excellence in employment background screening services with superior US based customer support to improve turnaround time, boost the speed of the hiring process and help you make employment decisions with confidence.

From drug testing and background checking to I-9 compliance and employment verification, we provide you innovative and automated pre-employment screening services to streamline your workforce hiring process, minimize costs, save time, and ensure your organizational compliance with regulatory requirements.

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