Your Small Business Needs Background Screening Services

small business background screening services

Your small business is growing, and this means a larger staff count to take on new job roles throughout your company as you expand. Smart hiring decisions are probably one of the most important investments you will make during the lifetime of your company. Employees make the magic happen, and one bad hire can have a massive impact on every aspect of your success. The most reliable method of ensuring the most qualified talent works for your company is through the use of small business background screening services.

Risks of Hiring without a Small Business Background Screening Service

Many small businesses rely on close family, friends, and community partnerships as part of their growth strategy. Hiring from this pool of new talent is often affordable and creates a team of reliability and trustworthiness.  Despite how much we believe we know those close contacts, there is the risk of the unknown. What if a friend you hired has a DUI criminal history they didn’t tell you about up front? Do you want this individual behind the wheel of your company vehicles?  

Besides the risk to your customers and existing employees, as well as your brand reputation, poor hiring choices have significant financial consequences. The average cost to simply hire an employee is a whopping $4,000 on average. Add on top of this number the cost of litigating negligent hiring suits, loss of product or assets, or drops in revenue from reputational harm, and the actual price tag for onboarding an employee without a background check can be devastating to your bottom line.

Small Business Background Screenings are a Wise Investment

Regardless of an employee’s relationship with your company, running a small business background screening will create transparency about several important personal details, including:

  • Work experience
  • Criminal record data
  • Education and licensing verification
  • Credit history

Not only does this information save you from wasting time on the wrong candidate, but it enables you to make an informed hiring decision. The ROI of an employee background check comes in several forms, including:

  • Cost savings on training
  • Workplace safety
  • Liability mitigation
  • Rich pool of talented professionals

Small Business Background Screening Creates Compliant Hiring Practices

One of the most crucial aspects of running a small business is practicing hiring practices that are not only consistent but adhere to local, state, and federal regulations. Some pre-employment background checks and even certain job roles have specific criteria that must be met in order to legally run screenings. These laws and guidelines typically dictate how you can use the information found on a small business background screening in making that critical hiring decision.

If your company doesn’t have a set of guidelines in place for performing these types of employee history checks, it’s important to work with a service provider that can educate and help you maintain compliance. Negligent hiring claims against companies are costly, often lead to public opinion affecting your brand reputation, and may dissuade top industry talent from working with your small business.

Outsourcing Simplifies Small Business Background Screening

If you currently rely on a do-it-yourself approach to employee background checks, you have already discovered how wildly inaccurate and restricted information is on cheap third-party record search sites. You may also have realized you don’t have enough time in the day to conduct a thorough research screening either. Personally calling every employer, reference, and local government jurisdiction a candidate resided is time-consuming. The inherent risks of conducting records checks in this way are significant since basing decisions on inaccurate information could lead to a potential lawsuit.

Relying on a reputable small business background screening company like Pre-employ brings several benefits outside time savings. Our services provide a team of researchers that can swiftly locate and verify the information you need. We also go the distance in ensuring that you are up-to-date on any industry regulations so that you are compliant when conducting pre-employment checks on new employees.

The 4 Things Every Background Check Company Should Provide

When looking for a small business background screening service, you should make sure they include the following services alongside their established reputation and knowledge:

  • Customized Products and Services

    While any background checking company you choose must have access to the most recent credit, criminal, and background history databases available, this information should be customizable to your company’s needs.

  • Fair Credit Reporting Act Certified

    Compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act is critical when conducting small business background screenings on employees. This legislation ensures that employers and third-party agencies like Pre-employ avoid privacy violations.

  • Seamless Software Integration

    If you already have an HR management software in place, you need to work with a background check provider that can easily integrate their own software suite with your own. This makes searching more convenient and centrally located.

  • Outstanding Customer Support

    Having 5-star customer support to count on to answer any questions about your small business background screening results is essential when partnering with a service provider.

Pre-employ Offers State of the Art Small Business Background Screenings for Faster Hiring

Speed is king in the fast-paced hiring market. With so many talented professionals looking for long term career opportunities, being able to quickly convert them to an employee before your competition does is critical. Our FCRA certified team members ensure you remain compliant when using this information.

Pre-employ makes this possible through our advanced technological background screening tools and automated software suite. We provide a centralized location for the management, storage, and distribution of requested information. You can request small business background screenings with ease through our user-friendly client portal. Tracking the progress of your inquiries has never been so easy thanks to our cutting-edge proprietary software.

Discover our award-winning customer service that is standing by to assist you and help streamline your workflows to eliminate bottlenecks and quickly hire the talent you need. Pre-employ offers an unwavering focus on superior customer support and excellent applicant experiences backed by a 100% US-based service and support team. 

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