How Second-Chance Hiring Changes Employee Lives

second chance hiring

According to the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL), over seventy million Americans have a blemish on their criminal records. This reality has brought long-term consequences, including the creation of employment barriers, disqualification from housing options, and denied educational funding requests. NCSL also determined that over 1.7 million Americans are not part of job talent pools because of these roadblocks due to past crimes.

Fortunately, government and community programs are teaming up to encourage businesses to reconsider job seekers with criminal histories. Also known as second-chance hiring, this practice of hiring individuals that wouldn’t normally meet background check standards is beneficial for all involved.

Why Businesses Should Practice Second Chance Hiring

Changes in societal acceptance have opened many doors for job applicants with a criminal history. Currently, only 14% of human resource managers refuse to consider an ex-offender according to a recent employment practices report by the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM). The reasons for ongoing hesitation revolve around several factors, including:

  • Safety concerns
  • Fearful perceptions by existing employees
  • Negative publicity
  • Occupational licensing barriers

Perpetuating these biases within a company’s background check policy can have a detrimental effect economically and shrink the available talent pool. Many individuals with troubled pasts still possess needed skills, experience, loyalty, and beneficial character traits that can enhance company teams.

The Benefits of Second Chance Hiring

Post-incarceration hiring also supports local and national society in several ways. From maximizing your applicant pool to minimizing legal exposure for biased employment practices, giving job seekers with criminal histories a second-chance is vital nowadays. Studies have demonstrated time and again that without jobs, individuals are more likely to re-offend and negatively impact their communities as a result.

Expand Your Talent Pool

Talent shortages and increasingly competitive recruitment make it critical for businesses to tap into every resource available. Companies that embrace second-chance hiring enjoy this broadened scope of skilled applicants because they take the age and type of offense into account before making a decision.

Second Chance Hiring Improves Your ROI

Businesses that have second-chance hiring policies in place also enjoy an enhanced return on their investment. This result relates directly to the performance and retention of these employees. Applicants who complete the hiring process tend to be grateful for their new position and quickly become loyal according to studies by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

There is Wide-Spread Support for Second Chance Hiring

Across the United States, there are federal, state, and even local programs that support employers looking for applicants in need of a second-chance hiring opportunity. Programs like the Federal Bonding Program offer liability insurance to its participants who employ hard-to-place individuals at no cost.

Companies also receive cost-saving federal tax and work credits for hiring those with criminal histories. Local community partners are also available to further assist organizations throughout the interviewing and vetting processes.

Giving individuals with troubled pasts a fair chance at a new career is healthy for your ROI and helps eliminate barriers that keep millions out of work. Reduction of incarceration and increasing your bottom line benefits more than just your company, but the communities that depend on your services and products.

Use Online Background Checks to Vet Job Applicants

The viral pandemic has brought this issue to the forefront of our society with states enacting social distancing measures by releasing inmates ahead of their completed sentence terms. This presents new challenges for many employers when it comes to obtaining accurate background check information and making appropriate hiring decisions accordingly.

Pre-employ believes that second-chances are vital in the workforce to help support the economy and overall success of individuals who are changing their lives for the better. Our online background check services are nationally-recognized, thorough, and accurate. We have accreditation with the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) so you can trust us to assist you in determining if second-chance hiring options will fulfill your needs and benefit your ROI for the long-term.

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