Why Automated HR Screening Software is Essential Today

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Screening candidates is an integral part of the hiring process that involves more than just simple pre-employment background screening in today’s marketplace. The industries of this century have increased their competitive edge thanks to the advancement of automation in human resource management.

Not only can prospective businesses conduct rigorous screening of talent almost overnight, but skill testing, rapid drug testing, and identity verification have become standard practice as a result. With the emergence of applicant tracking systems (ATS), this new ecosystem for companies and charities alike has raised the bar, making an integrative HR screening software a must in any industry.

The Emergence of Automated HR Screening Software

Today, modern businesses require HR screening software that can be seamlessly integrated with their current system to fully replace the need for any manual processes when it comes to hiring and onboarding. This new focus creates a reduction in administrative and operational process costs, saving organizations that use such systems significant amounts of precious budget dollars. 

At the same time, companies also experience productivity increases because all of the related HR operations are now streamlined and centralized. This frees up valuable work time for managers to work on more urgent core business objectives and allow automated technology to handle menial administrative tasks.

Automated Essentials Needed in HR Screening Software

Since automated HR screening software can help unearth risks and questionable background history of potential candidates or current employees, companies utilizing this tool can develop a talent pool brimming with highly-qualified professionals. Also, having the ability to quickly convert a candidate to an employee is a critical aspect to consider when choosing which HR screening software provider you turn to. 

When trying to decide on the best HR screening software provider for your HR management needs, consider some of the following features and benefits when making your decision:

Ability to Seamlessly Integrate with Your Current Recruitment System

One of the most daunting tasks for hiring teams is organizing all of the data that is pouring in from numerous sources. If you make your HR system fully digital, you can alleviate this difficult process. Automated HR screening software can create an ATS system that is easily managed, intuitive, and centralizes this information into organized data streams.

Having a crystal clear view of a candidate’s criminal, educational, credit, and other related histories give employers a better gauge of retention for their new hire. It is then also possible to make better use of their skills or prevent a bad hiring decision that could cost a company millions in liability claims.

Client Portals and Applicant Tracking Capabilities Simplified

Some of the most useful automated HR screening software, like that of Pre-employ, uses client portals that use intuitive interfaces and simplified functionality to stay informed of where a screened applicant is in the process.

This ability requires multi-layered background check focuses, as well as ease of reporting and analyzing received data. Using real-time reporting, employers can see if workers or candidates have submitted the necessary information, signed releases, submitted drug tests, and more, all through a historical dashboard that collates these milestones into a format that is visually-rich and comprehensible. 

Using HR screening software allows hiring teams to make better use of data analytics, as well as quickly engage with candidates that are identified as having the best attributes and qualities for the vacant role.

Advanced Data Security and Compliance Measures

Data breaches are one of the most serious threats that companies face today, and organizations that use multiple vendors for their HR tools increase their risk for such an event. Automated HR screening software can help minimize this threat by incorporating pre-employment background checks and I-9 compliance into one management tool. Third-party service providers like Pre-employ help companies remain compliant with international, federal, state, and local privacy laws by creating a centralized digital point of access that is secure and simple to use.

Automation continues to innovate the hiring experience for HR managers around the world. How HR managers can select, view and conduct candidate screening have experienced a manifold of benefits, including:

  • Automated applicant tracking
  • Less time spent researching candidate history
  • Centralized screening processes
  • More transparency
  • Data streams that are automatically streamlined and prioritized
  • Real-time view of a candidate’s background screening progress
  • Automated compliance verification
  • Seamless HR screening software integration

Finally, having the ability to quickly shortlist applicants helps hiring teams focus strategic efforts toward other important HR initiative goals. It also makes the hiring process more equitable and allows companies to remain competitive when recruiting top industry talent. All of this and more is accomplished without sacrificing reliability, compliance, and safety while enjoying quick turnaround times and candidate conversions.

Discover Pre-employ HR Screening Software

As a premium HR screening service, Pre-employ only provides the most reliable and high-quality data to our clients. This dedication shows in the way we have made HR hiring processes more straightforward and simplified without sacrificing safety or time. Companies that use our advanced software suite enjoy the seamless merging of their current H management system with our proprietary automation and intuitive design. From criminal record reporting to identity verification checks, our company streamlines HR screening processes so that you can finally eliminate the bottlenecks in your workflows. 

Pre-employ HR screening software is an ideal solution for any employees and volunteers that work for your organization, no matter where they are in the world. Our employee background check services provide you with access to critical records and information about a candidate so you can make timely and informed hiring decisions. While there are numerous alternatives for obtaining access to such data, only Pre-employ offers an unwavering focus on superior customer support and excellent applicant experiences backed by a 100% US-based service and support team. 

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