Provided by a state’s Department of Motor Vehicles records checks reports crucial driver background information. The results typically cover issues regarding license status, violations and infractions, accidents, suspensions or revocations, expiration date, and endorsement that usually remain on driving record reports for three years.

Comprehensive Background Screening with MVR Checks

Whether your organization is part of the transportation industry or has a position requiring extensive travel, a motor vehicle record check is important when conducting a background check on a potential hire. Knowing about any traffic infractions or crimes on a candidate’s driving history can mitigate risky employment decisions, especially when some states only report certain types of convictions on a motor vehicle record search, like DUI.

Make smart recruitment choices with Pre-employ’s advanced background check software and award-winning customer service. The benefits of using a technological online solution include:

  • Minimizing risk and maintaining current safety standards within your company
  • Protect your fleet, customers, employees, and other business assets against liability claims
  • Keep your organization in good standing within your community
  • Hire the most talented candidates that have demonstrated safe driving practices and records

Informative MVR Check Results You Need

MVR checks searches are critical in the verification of a candidate’s current licensing status and driving history. Infractions related to dangerous behavior behind the wheel, accidents, and other related violations are typically available for the previous three years or longer, depending on the state. These reports generally give results only for the state their license originates.

Pre-employ MVR Checks are simple to perform and only require basic identifying employee information for a records search:

  • Full name matching their driver’s license
  • Issuing state
  • License number

Never Worry About FCRA Compliance for Your MVR Checks

As a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA), Pre-employ understands the responsibilities employers have to respect and adhere to the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) when conducting motor vehicle record checks. Our FCRA certified team members are ready to help your hiring managers navigate adverse employment actions and explain how background check standards and laws need to be followed. 

Pre-employ offers guidance in the following legal areas when conducting vehicle records searches: 

  • Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
  • Ban The Box Laws and Fair Hiring Practices
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

Automated MVR Checks Streamline Your Hiring Operations

Discover the simplicity and convenience of Pre-employ motor vehicle record searches using our proprietary software suite. It has the automated tools required to quickly get the information you need in making important hiring decisions. With a focus on compliance, our state-of-the-art software will help your organization meet state and federal standards. Eliminate bottlenecks with our expansive MVR records database that can easily conduct a search. It also manages your documentation all in one place with our customer portal.

Our clients trust our advanced background check services to help them:

  • Access and manage motor vehicle record search results in a centralized location
  • Quickly onboard qualified candidates and avoid losing them to the competition
  • Free valuable productivity time with quick turnarounds and improved workflows
  • Avoid costly errors that could risk non-compliance audits

Pre-employ Gives Your Company The Tools To Succeed

Businesses that conduct driving history checks on prospective talent need automated solutions. This makes screening and hiring processes faster without sacrificing accuracy or compliance. Pre-employ software provides an easy to access customer portal with search history, documentation, and built-in tools. This mitigates risks associated with negligent hiring and discrimination claims stemming from adverse hiring actions. Stay ahead of your competition with our award-winning support team. We also have knowledgeable FCRA certified experts on hand to help your company make good hires every time.