As a consumer reporting agency governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other applicable state and federal laws, PRE-EMPLOY.COM is committed to protecting your right to privacy.

This Privacy Policy covers PRE-EMPLOY.COM’s practices and policies regarding the receipt, storage, and use of “Personally Identifiable Information.” This policy also covers the receipt of certain information through PRE-EMPLOY.COM’s public website and otherwise. All information obtained by PRE-EMPLOY.COM will be collected, stored, and used in compliance with applicable laws, including the FCRA.

Information Collected
PRE-EMPLOY.COM will only collect “Personally Identifiable Information” about you if you voluntarily choose to provide such information to PRE-EMPLOY.COM and/or in connection with a background check authorized by you and/or applicable laws. “Personally Identifiable Information” that PRE-EMPLOY.COM may collect about you through our website or otherwise may include, but is not limited to: name, address, email address, phone number, date of birth, birthplace, driver’s license number, social security number, employer, employment details, and information regarding prior criminal proceedings, civil proceedings or credit activities.

With Whom We Share Information
PRE-EMPLOY.COM will not disclose your “Personally Identifiable Information” to a third party, except in accordance with applicable laws. Typically, PRE-EMPLOY.COM will only disclose “Personally Identifiable Information”  regarding the subject of a background check to a third-party in the following situations:

  • To an employer or prospective employer who has been authorized by the consumer to receive information about him or her for employment purposes.
  • To a landlord or property owner who has been authorized by the consumer to receive information about him or her for tenant screening purposes.
  • To a governmental agency that has been authorized by the consumer to receive information about him or her for licensing purposes.
  • To a school or educational institute that has been authorized by the consumer to receive information about him or her for admissions purposes.
  • To a third-party representative or subcontractor of PRE-EMPLOY.COM to assist in the background screening investigation (e.g., providers that support or host this website or otherwise provide technical assistance, as well as court researchers and other service vendors).
  • As otherwise required by law.

Where PRE-EMPLOY.COM transfers “Personally Identifiable Information” to a representative or third-party subcontractor assisting with a background check, PRE-EMPLOY.COM provides only the information required to assist with the background check. PRE-EMPLOY.COM prohibits such third-party representatives and subcontractors from using consumer information for any purpose other than assisting PRE-EMPLOY.COM with the background check. PRE-EMPLOY.COM also contractually requires such third-party representatives and subcontractors to maintain commercially-reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality of consumer information they receive.

If PRE-EMPLOY.COM or its assets are acquired by another company, that company will assume responsibility for the “Personally Identifiable Information” collected by PRE-EMPLOY.COM through the website and it will assume the rights and obligations regarding the collection and use of such information, as described in this Privacy Policy. PRE-EMPLOY.COM will not permit another business in such a circumstance to review or examine the information PRE-EMPLOY.COM has collected without a confidentiality agreement in place and only to the extent allowed by law.
PRE-EMPLOY.COM does not resell to third-parties any data provided to us for marketing purposes under any circumstances.

Personal Information Disclosure: United States Or Overseas
Generally, PRE-EMPLOY.COM does not transfer information to third parties outside of the United States or its territories. Such transfers would only be done if necessary to complete an international background check (e.g., conducting an international criminal check or verifying educational or employment records outside of the U.S.).

Data Security
PRE-EMPLOY.COM abides by all applicable state and federal laws pertaining to the security of data supplied to us.
As data security is the cornerstone of our business, PRE-EMPLOY.COM has taken many steps to protect the data it receives. Among other things, PRE-EMPLOY.COM:

  • Utilizes an Intrusion Detection Service that is “intrusion prevention enabled;”
  • Has established a “Firewall” with boundary routers, which is administered by security administrators with exclusive access to the devices.
  • Has enabled certain technological devices with IPS and adopted SSL (Secure Socket Layer) that is VeriSign certified 128/256 bit encrypted. All of PRE-EMPLOY.COM’s secure sites fall under this certification.
  • Is PCI compliant and monitored by Security Metrics.
  • Limits access to certain portions of PRE-EMPLOY.COM’s website to PRE-EMPLOY.COM clients that have a user login and password.

When data is ready to be destroyed or disposed of, PRE-EMPLOY.COM follows all applicable laws and regulations and takes measures to ensure that all such records and data are properly destroyed and unrecoverable.

How To Access, Correct, And Change Personal Information
PRE-EMPLOY.COM strives to maintain the accuracy and integrity of the information collected through the website. If you have provided “Personally Identifiable Information” to PRE-EMPLOY.COM while browsing the public website and desire to access or update such information, please email us at

If you are a PRE-EMPLOY.COM client with a registered account, you may review and update your information by logging into your account. If you are an individual on whom PRE-EMPLOY.COM’s client has requested a background screening investigation and you have submitted “Personally Identifiable Information” to PRE-EMPLOY.COM at the request of such client for purposes of the background screening investigation, you may review your PRE-EMPLOY.COM file in accordance with your file disclosure rights under the FCRA, California Civil Code Section 1786.22 or any other applicable law by contacting PRE-EMPLOY.COM at 1-866-891-1954 or in another legally authorized way.
To protect consumers’ privacy and security, we will also take reasonable steps to verify an individual’s identity before granting access to “Personally Identifiable Information” or allowing corrections to such data.

Credit Card Data
PRE-EMPLOY.COM recognizes the importance of security during web commerce and transactions using bank and credit card information. Therefore, PRE-EMPLOY.COM has gone to great lengths to maintain such security. Among other things, PRE-EMPLOY.COM uses a secured SSL encryption for all direct transactions that involve credit card or banking information. This encryption allows PRE-EMPLOY.COM to send your credit card number and personal data over the Internet directly and securely to the credit card company. Once encrypted, only the credit card’s authorization company has the ability to decrypt it. PRE-EMPLOY.COM never displays your credit card number online. Additionally, we store any personal information you submitted on forms (i.e., your address, email, and billing information) on our secure server. Our server is tightly monitored and controlled. All customer information collected through our web transactions is maintained securely. Only those with proper identification and authorization have access to this information. Our SSL is VeriSign certified 128/256 bit encrypted. All of PRE-EMPLOY.COM’s secure sites fall within this certification. In addition, PRE-EMPLOY.COM is PCI compliant and monitored by Security Metrics.

Use Of Cookies By PRE-EMPLOY.COM
A cookie is a text-only string of information that a website transfers to the cookie file of the browser on your computer’s hard disk so that the website can record and read a small amount of information. A cookie will typically contain the name of the domain from which the cookie has come, the “lifetime” of the cookie, and a value, usually a randomly- generated unique number. PRE-EMPLOY.COM uses “session cookies,” which are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of your browser until you close your browser session. Session cookies are used for a single sign-on and have a lifetime of 20 minutes. If you do not use or navigate our website for a period of 20 consecutive minutes, then your session will expire and you will be required to log back on to our website. PRE-EMPLOY.COM does not use cookies on this site to collect any “Personally Identifiable Information.” Our cookies are used for legitimate business purposes only.

PRE-EMPLOY.COM does not offer services to children under the age of 13 and PRE-EMPLOY.COM’s website is not directed to children under the age of 13.

This Site contains links to other websites. We do not own, control or operate the links or their respective websites and we are not responsible for the privacy policies, practices or content of such websites. The inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement of any such website. If you have questions about how another website may use your information, please consult that website’s privacy policy.

Notification Of Privacy Changes
PRE-EMPLOY.COM reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. When changes are made they will be posted to this website immediately. The date of the most recent revision will be stated on the Privacy Policy so you can determine whether there have been any material changes since your last review of the Privacy Policy. In addition, PRE-EMPLOY.COM will send a copy of this Privacy Policy by U.S. Mail to any client, consumer or other interested third party upon request.

Contact Information Regarding Privacy Policy

To obtain additional information regarding our privacy practices or to obtain information regarding policies in the event of a compromise of your personal information, please contact:

Name: Robert Mather, Chief Executive Officer
Address: 2301 Balls Ferry Road, Anderson, CA 96007
Phone: 1-800-300-1821

Effective Date Of Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy was last updated: 2/12/2015.