Registry Searches are Vital in Your Hiring Process

Pre-employ encourages businesses and organizations to conduct registry checks. This verifies a candidate’s social security number and address, sex offender status, and even federal and international criminal watch history. Powered by automated background check tools, increase the accuracy of your registry searches to make confident hiring decisions quickly.

Registry searches as part of your pre-employment screening process will help you:

  • Verify address and criminal history details submitted by candidates
  • Reveal omitted address information to help you better focus criminal history searches
  • Avoid hiring candidates using false or purposely misrepresented personal information
  • Help you convert applicants quickly and securely

Transparency You Need to Hire Safely

Gain the clear picture you need of your candidate before making a critical hiring decision. Verify their sex offender registry status across 50 states. Ensure their reported address history and social security information is accurate and valid with Pre-employ track and trace services. 

Some of the key areas our registry searches helps your organization verify includes: 

  • Previous address history to better target criminal background screening
  • Expose inconsistent information submitted on an application for employment
  • Ensure your candidate is not on any federal or international watch lists or the subject of sanctions

Technologically Advanced Registry Search Tools

Registry searches demand cutting-edge technology and a support team that understands regulations and workflows in the onboarding process. Pre-employ provides our clients with a software suite that has the built-in tools necessary to speed up new hire decision-making. 

Our more popular registry searches include:

  • SSN Trace & Address History

    Use this trace to discover areas of additional needed background verification to conduct on potential hires and or incident investigations of current employees.

  • Sex Offender Registry Check

    Conduct a search within all sex offender registries in the 50 U.S. states, including their current status and registration date. This is a critical registry check for healthcare, education, and childcare organizations.

  • Global Watchlist Records Check

    From FBI Most Wanted listings to Interpol Fugitive Lists, Pre-employ’s global watchlist record check is critical for businesses and agencies working within government sectors.

Deepen Your Talent Pool with the Best Industry Talent

Locating and attracting the best talent in your industry is a highly competitive aspect of any organization’s hiring initiatives. You want not only the most qualified and skillful candidates but also the most trustworthy. Pre-employ registry searches help companies streamline their verification processes to avoid losing these desirable employees. 

By providing award-winning customer support, FCRA certified team members, and an advanced background check software suite that easily integrates with most existing technology, companies gain the competitive hiring edge they need. 

Pre-employ Helps Companies Succeed With Quick Registry Searches

Registry searches can validate and drill down into candidate history that needs further evaluation that may have been omitted during the application process. Pre-employ provides this service as part of a broader, comprehensive background check strategy that produces a customizable, reliable, and quick result turnaround that convert candidates quickly.