Accurate Drug Testing Services with Our Enhanced Client Portal

While accuracy is a vital component of drug testing programs, candidate experience uniquely influences whether donors appear for collections or continue participating in your screening process. Our focus on superior customer support and excellent applicant experiences help you to ensure successful outcomes, and our new Enhanced Drug Testing Portal makes your drug testing process easier than ever.

Employee Drug Testing with Our Enhanced Portal

Our effort to provide superior customer service doesn’t stop at a phone call. We continually invest in technology that aligns with our customer service to provide innovative workforce solutions. Our new Enhanced Portal provides a revolutionary way for your company to manage drug testing.

Features of our Drug Testing Portal Include:

  • Real time search of site locations
  • Interactive map view of collection sites
  • Collection site requirements and details
  • One page ordering process

Benefits of Drug Testing Programs

At Pre-employ we offer the drug testing services your organization needs to help sustain the benefits of a drug-free workplace and comply with regulatory or other requirements. Drug testing is an integral part of the Pre-employ portal, helping you to create and maintain the applicant experience you desire. If you are still considering drug testing for your organization, consider the following statistics:

• About three-fourths of all current drug users are currently employed.
• About one-in-seven workers are heavy drinkers (25+ drinks a week).
• More than half of all people know adults who go to work high or drunk.
• Workers who abuse alcohol or drugs are absent from work more often.
• Organizations that become drug-free workplaces reduce their costs.

Fortunately, while workplace substance abuse is an issue potentially affecting all organizations, adding drug testing to your background checking program can successfully prevent problems. Pre-employ provides everything needed to start or expand a drug testing program that complies with regulatory requirements and protects your organization’s applicant experience.

Along with background checks, conducting drug testing for employment is equally important to ensure a drug-free workforce, minimize substance abuse at the workplace and more importantly, to comply with the regulatory requirements.

To streamline your drug testing process and make it easier and faster, take advantage of our employee drug testing services via our Enhanced Drug Testing Portal, where you get the access to a nationwide network of reliable collection centers, offering quick and convenient scheduling, and delivering accurate results.

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