Verification of employment and other candidate details like references and education are critical aspects of any hiring process. Organizations needing this service should not delegate it to an inexperienced team member or forgo regulations and legal compliance standards when screening potential hires.

Pre-employ uses state-of-the-art automation to increase your hiring speed and streamline workflows. Therefore, your already busy recruitment teams can spend more time onboarding and acquire the best talent for your company. 

Our employment verification services help you to:

  • Verify the accuracy of candidate work history
  • Ensure your candidate posses the skills and experience they claim to have
  • Avoid hiring candidates using false credentials to get hired
  • Help you convert applicants quickly with our quick background check turnaround times

Review, Detect and Validate with Employment Verification Searches

Using Pre-employ to conduct employment verification searches in conjunction with our other automated background check tools creates a clear picture of your candidate. This snapshot of verified employment, education, and reference information allow you to make an informed hiring decision with confidence. 

Some of the key areas our Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) certified team members focus on when assisting you in verifications of employment are:

  • Review previous length of employment
  • Investigate uncovered inconsistencies
  • Validate educational experience and references

Pre-employ Offers Extensive Employment Verification Search Options

Verification of employment requires state-of-the-art technology and an award-winning support team to help streamline your hiring process and make workflows more efficient. Avoid hiring bottlenecks that can cost you top industry talent. Pre-employ offers several employment verification options that are simple, accurate, compliant, and turnaround quickly for already busy staffing teams.

  • Employment Verification

    Verification of a candidate’s last three employers within the past seven-year period.

  • Education Verification

    This check confirms education credentials that a candidate received as well as the course of study and dates of attendance.

  • Reference Verification

    Personal or professional reference interviews based on custom question lists and/or industry standard inquiries.

Never Worry About Compliance with Pre-employ Employment Verification Searches

Pre-employ takes a respectful and fair approach toward candidate verification of employment searches. As a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA), we have a responsibility to provide accurate employment screenings that comply with federal, state, and local laws. Our FCRA certified team will help keep your organization aware of compliance regulations at all times.

Employment verification and background checks that must always be followed include:

  • Informing candidates of the intent to run an employment background history and obtaining their permission to do so.
  • Results of pre-employment screenings that may result in a denial of employment require strict adherence to FCRA guidelines for adverse action steps by the employer. 

Pre-employ Gives Your Company Proper Employment Verification Searches

Utilizing employment verification searches as part of a larger, comprehensive background check strategy produces a customizable, reliable, and quick result turnarounds that convert candidates quickly. Your company will benefit from the streamlined workflow our automated software creates. We eliminate bottlenecks and speed up turn around time so you can onboard faster and with confidence.